ASAUNDERSMUSIC hosted by Andre’ Saunders, musician, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, record producer, novelist.

Andre’ Saunders Music is a site designed to showcase new music and some unreleased masters I produced when Disco was King. When I walked away from the music business, I had just recorded masters on Darnel Williams, Jessie from the hit daytime soap opera, “All My Children.” I’ll upload this and other stuff to ASAUNDERSMUSIC you can download…some free and some not.

Click on the Book Button and get the first fifty pages of my autobiography “A Musical Life” free.

Enter the life of a young musician when the “chitlin circuit” still provided a living for entertainers with talent. And we’ll take a toke or two as we head into the disco funk of the seventies. So, visit ASAUNDERSMUSIC often because things will be added continually.




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